European Chocolate Truffle

Vanilla Bean

Cannoli Filling


Welcome to Dolce Mia!

Specialty Italian desserts like you’ve never tasted before!  We put our own gourmet twist on these Italian classics. Our mascarpone cheesecakes are so decadent but light, not dense like most cheesecakes, and they melt in your mouth! Our cannoli fillings are not too sweet and they come in exciting “gelato” flavors. 

All of our desserts are made fresh to order, with all-natural, premium ingredients that heighten our quality and set the standards for a pure and unforgettable dessert. We use the freshest cage-free eggs, hormone-free cream cheese, and the finest imported chocolate and liquors. We’re sure you’ll agree, Dolce Mia is like no other.

Now serving MD, DC, and VA in your finest restaurants, specialty grocers and cafés.