These creamy and decadent delights use high quality mascarpone cheese (Italian cream cheese) to create the base of these heavenly melt-in-your mouth cheesecakes. Combine this with fresh, natural premium ingredients and you have a new take on what a cheesecake should taste like. They are currently available in a 4″ size for two or more to share and a 3” individual size. Our current flavors include: Vanilla Bean, European Chocolate Truffle and Amaretto.  But more flavors to come!!

Size: 4″

Size: 3″

Tip: In order to achieve perfect, clean results when slicing our mascarpone cheesecakes,
we suggest running your knife under hot water and wiping dry between slices.



Resting on a buttery vanilla shortbread crust, this silky smooth luxury is blended with the right amount of pure natural almond flavor and laced with Amaretto di Saronno liquor.

European Chocolate Truffle

This striking indulgence uses rich and mellow European Dutch chocolate topped with an elegant dark chocolate ganache, which is based on a crisp chocolate shortbread crust, and embodied with fine chocolate blossom curls…a perfect contrast in chocolate flavors.


The most pure and intense vanilla flavor you have ever tasted!  Smooth and creamy, this speckled decadence is made with 3 different Madagascar Bourbon vanillas and is lined with a vanilla shortbread crust.


Our unique cannoli filling is delicious, not too sweet, and we use 2 different specialty ricotta cheeses making it light, fresh and creamy.  Our current flavors include: Traditional, Pistachio and Espresso.  But more flavors to come!!

Comes in a 2lb pastry bag.